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portrait of young boy  in derwent pencils on croquille board
painting of black cat with wistful look
fine art drawing of elkhound & shepard
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Fine Art: (website coming soon)

According to my parents, my fine art career started early. As a child I was regularly making images and buidling things. An early piece was a 3-d house out of manilla file folders and scotch tape, with doors that opened — tape continues to be high on the list of favorite art supplies. My mother couldn’t comprehend how, when, where I’d come up with the idea and ability to work in 3-d with those materials, — no one had suggested it.

Betty Lafitte was my life-saving high school art teacher from 8th-12th grades, and she ingrained in us the elements of design, “line, shape, form, texture, tone, color,” as well as the longer list of principles of design. She was amazing in her gift for teaching, as well as for gathering art supplies for us in an underfunded public school system. She exposed us to everything she could: pinhole camera photography, video, printmaking, advertising, sculpture, batik, and of course drawing, painting and art history. I considered myself lucky at the time, and more so now.

I studied art at Sweet Briar College, Virginia, earning a BA with Phi Beta Kappa distinction, in a double major of studio art and English Literature. I have much gratitude for Zig Priede and Loren Oliver, gifted teachers there. That was followed by figurative studies and UNC Greensboro, and an MFA in visual arts from the Maryland Institute’s Mt. Royal School.

My wall sculptures (constructed from corrugated and duct tape with multiple layers of rhoplex, joint compound, mesh and comercial paints) were exhibited at the Baltimore Museum during the Maryland Biennial.

My fine art pieces, including commissioned art, are part of collections in Idaho, North Carolina, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, California and Germany, as well as my home state of Georgia. Two clients said: “Quinne really brings her subjects to life.”

Yvonne Berg, a realtor, added: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do animals like this. You’re really capturing the personality. That’s what makes them so alive and wonderful.”

The images of animals and portraits you see here present just one facet of my artwork, which also includes abstract and architecturally-oriented pieces.

Collectors include: Paul Feinman and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Dana White, Marilyn Montgomery, Collins and Company, The Buccanan Family, Penelope Hughes, The Gunderson Family, The Burkhart Family, The Traub Family, Annette Rankin, The Flittner Family, The Hiaring Family.

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oil painting of golden retriever
oil painting of tuxedo cat
oil painting of man cuddling his cat
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